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Finance and Accounting
PBO Services

Pay for what you need, when you need It

Problem We’re Trying to Solve

Cut Down on Costs

Reduce overhead costs associated with finance department and reduce costs associated with errors and inefficiencies.

Improve Company Focus

Free time and resources to focus on core business activities.

Access to Expertise

Access to competent accountant with high quality standards and better attention to detail that help to better finance decisions.

Beat competition

Have a better financial visibility through real time financial reports and analysis.

Scalable Financial

Need of a scalable technology that can support changing needs, growth and expansion

Why Us

Our Competitive Advantage

Expert Services

Ideon brings the best to the table, right from highly qualified staff, the latest accounting software and following best accounting practices

Access to latest Technology

Ideon have access to the modern and highly specific accounting software that allows tracking of company and sector-related regulatory compliances.

Flexibility and Scalability

Ideon offers flexibility in terms of engaged resources. Expertise can be hired according to the need of the company.

Time Savings

A significant amount of time of the company is saved as the Ideon handles your accounting functions.

Cost Savings

Accounting outsourcing further saves costs relating to employee benefits, insurance, payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, time-off payments, etc.

Quality Checks Policy

Any transaction is reviewed before process managers upload it to the main server.