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Outsourcing Services


Problems in Payroll

  • How to Save Business Cost:
    • Reduce costs associated with inhouse payroll processing e.g. staff, technology, and training

    • Save time and resources as we are responsible for payroll processing including tax filing & compliance

    • Access specialized Knowledge and expertise including latest technologies and best practices

  • How to Reduce risks:
    • Ensure accuracy in payroll processing, reduce risks of errors from manual handling of data that can result in penalties

    • Reduces risks involved in data security and confidentiality issues

  • How to Increase the level of work convenience in different staff:
    • Real-time management reports

    • Attain cost savings by redirecting internal resources to focus on core business functions

    • Strengthen internal control and planning

    • Reduce turnover, rehiring and retraining


Our Payroll Solutions

Payroll Confirmation & Processing

Third Party Deduction Tracking & Reporting

New & Exit Hire Reports

Employee Maintenance Reports

Electronic Payroll Reports

Payroll Tax Liability Report

Manage Statutory deductions (PAYE, NSSF, NHIF)

Other reports as appropriate


Ingredients of our Payroll Solutions