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About Us

Who are we ?

We are providers of end to end business enabling services that helps businesses to expand and optimize operations across different industries.

Our Vision

To become the market leader in Business process outsourcing services in Africa

Our Mission

To create value and build relationships through excellent customer service.

Our Values

Our business practices are aligned with the following Values:


Our people are very passionate about what they do. We promote a positive work environment with an atmosphere of respect and trust.


Our focus is on constant improvements, we innovate and adopt new methods and technologies needed to deliver superior customer experience.


We pay close attention to our customers’ needs with consistency, resilience, and persistence.


Acting with strong ethics is our priority as an organization. We believe in transparent and credible ways of doing business.

Our Services

Contact Centre

Debt Collection

Our methodology combines a robust IT-driven call center and well-trained personnel to provide organizations with consistently high-quality and reliable debt collections and recovery outsourcing services.

Our team provides a customer service-focused approach to contacting customers to remind them of their obligation to pay their accounts.

This approach helps to standardize collection while maintaining a positive relationship with their customer base.

Customer Service

We provide end-to-end Customer Life Cycle management and advanced data-driven digital solutions.

We also provide both inbound and outbound call management to accommodate our clients' preferences.

We facilitate a Net Promoter Score Survey to ensure Customer satisfaction with products and services provided by our clients to help with product and service improvement.


We provide expert telesales and marketing services to sell or market products directly to the end clients.

Our cloud-based solution helps scale operations by providing multiple communication channels to both potential and existing customers.

We help our clients to create awareness of new & existing customers and increase revenue by efficiently following up and closing sales.

Human Resources Services

HR Support Services

Employee management


Labor relations

Employee relations

Regulatory review and compliance Human Resource Information0 System

Training and development

Payroll Management

Staff details management

Salary processing

Advance salary management

Payroll reconciliation

Third-party deduction

Tax benefit administration and0


Returns management

Record management

Recruitment Services





Finance Services

Ideon will prepare all standard Finance Accounts and Tax related reports after each period as follows: -


Data entry

Financial Statements

Management Accounting




Performance reporting

Tax consultancy

Financial reporting

Why our finance services?

Pay for what you need, when you need it.
We customize our services to fit your business. You can outsource all your accounting needs to us, or complement your existing staff.

Flexible pricing

We offer flexible pricing depending on services offered.


We work to meet your business needs whether you need real-time access to information or management reports that are tailor-made to suit your needs


On an ad-hoc basis, Ideon will prepare the necessary reports requested by the client. However, as and when there is a need for additional assistance in Finance and Accounting that will be accomplished as a project; then a formal quotation will be prepared.

Human Resource Capability

We pride ourselves on our dedicated and motivated team led by experienced and dynamic team leaders. We Set expectations and goals with our team to give our customers confidence in our representations.

Cemes Ltd

Ideon is the ultimate business solutions provider. I have experienced dramatic growth of my enterprise since I begun working with them.

Branch Ltd

Ideon is the ultimate business solutions provider. I have experienced dramatic growth of my enterprise since I begun working with them.



We meet and plan based on your exact specifications and needs.



We create a custom solution as per your business requirements.



The solution is deployed to your business to help it grow.